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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Wall Quilt Kit

I received a wall quilt pattern for someone needing a sample of the pattern. It is a heart Wall hanging with machine applique. Looks fun
I think I am going to put some Texture Magic in it for interest. I will post pics as I work on it. I seriously need to get a New iPod or iPhone so I can post pics faster. So for now I will do it with my phone.

Tish in Vancouver

Monday, November 15, 2010

Texture Magic Demo

I am doing a Demo of Texture Magic for a Group of lady's in Beaverton @ the Mill End Store around 10am.

See you all there.........................


Friday, November 5, 2010

Sorry I was gone so long

I have had a very busy life and a bit stressful with grankids & family, a few emergencies. I have this blog to help my students, friends, and TextureMagic & Thread clients. So I am trying to get my sewing room in order along with my life. I was given the MOST wonderful gift of a Treadle sewing machine. A Singer I will be posting pics soon I hope, it a bit fancy. The same wonderful woman, my DaughInLaw's grandmother Betty Craze. I hope I can be like her and she is a beautiful woman, and SO giving to everyone. You can see her on FB. She also gave me some old quilts. I am going to find out there story.

To students feel free to comment and email me questions. I will be trying to set a regular time to meet. Everyone in Vancouver, WA is invited to come sew.